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Most people believe that downloading files using torrents is anonymous, that is untrue. The very principle of the procedure allows to track and monitor the activity of network users. The aim of this project is to create a laboratory that undertakes the task of monitoring, analysing and delivering reliable information of the scale of this phenomenon.

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1[FudoSubs] Phi Brain 2 - 18 [720p][Hi10P][H.264][492DDE77].mkv
Telecom Italia
Italy , Trento , Trentino-Alto Adige
87.14.111.XXX2014-04-22More info1
2[FudoSubs] Phi Brain 2 - 18 [720p][Hi10P][H.264][492DDE77].mkv
Telecom Italia
Italy , Inzago , Lombardia
87.15.20.XXX2014-04-24More info1
3[FudoSubs] Phi Brain 2 - 18 [720p][Hi10P][H.264][492DDE77].mkv
Telecom Italia
Italy , Rome , Lazio
79.53.93.XXX2014-04-27More info1
4[FudoSubs] Phi Brain 2 - 18 [720p][Hi10P][H.264][492DDE77].mkv
China Telecom Hangzhou
China , Hangzhou , Zhejiang
183.129.239.XXX2014-04-28More info1
5[FudoSubs] Phi Brain 2 - 18 [720p][Hi10P][H.264][492DDE77].mkv
Telecom Italia
Italy , Collegno , Piemonte
79.50.170.XXX2014-04-06More info1
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